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Have you ever answered the unknown international number? Probably not and the same way your customers feel.
Calling a business located in different country can be challenging and expensive.
Now the same can be said when customers from other countries try to call you on your “international” number. Wouldn’t be better if they call you on their domestic number not to mention Toll-Free Number?

Owify can provide you with a phone number in 110+ countries and then forward your call to your existing number.

Yes. We can quickly transfer all your phone numbers (geographical, toll-free). Transferring (porting) can be done quickly with just a simple form that we will send to you.

Each number gets 2 channels for incoming calls. For outgoing calls, you have unlimited numbers of channels. This is very suitable for outgoing call centers. You can always expand the number of channels for incoming calls. Please contact us for further information.

Yes, you can. We need to get proof of ownership of existing number or we can make automatic authorization via SMS or phone call to prove you own the number.

Yes, you can call any API function upon incoming calls and on calls end. For example, on incoming call you can call Zapier or IFTTT and turn lights on in your office 🙂 or send SMS if call is not answered, etc…

No, you don’t need an internet connection to receive phone calls. The main scenario is to receive a phone call via the internet, but in settings, you can set to transfer calls to any phone numbers you like. You can even set to transfer to many phone numbers you would like and all phones are ringing upon incoming call. Furthermore you can set advanced routing options in settings. You can set first to try to call mobile app, if it is not registered then it transfers to number one, then number two etc…

As many phone numbers as you need. Activate new numbers instantly whenever you need more.

This is not a problem. We can assign you a phone number from any EU country and then your calls are charged with local prices. If a customer calls you back on your EU number, you can receive calls as you want.

We are offering our services to a different level of users. If you just want to use worldwide phone numbers, we can assign them to you. Then you can use a web browser, mobile application, physical phone or your existing PBX system to receive and make calls. We always find a solution for our customer! offers two types of phone numbers:

1. Toll-Free phone numbers that allow your customers to call you at no charge to them. In the US and Canada, a toll-free number begins with the 1-800, 1-866, 1-877, or 1-888 prefix. In the UK and Europe, they are 0-800 numbers or 0-808 numbers.
We also offer Universal Toll-Free number (00800) that allows the same phone number in various countries.

2. Geographical or local phone number-perfect for businesses that wish to expand their sales in other countries.

3. In some countries, we have started offering mobile phone numbers. Contact us for more information.

No. The Owify service can be canceled at any time. Also, you can transfer all the phone numbers to any other provider.

We are offering both models. We are using approach “Know your customer”. First is prepaid, but when we get to know each other and gain mutual trust, we can switch to postpaid model.

Every customer has different needs and we customize every solution to fit your needs. Just contact us and we will find the best solution for you – with the best price!

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